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Unfortunately, damp, cold and unhealthy housing is a reality for too many New Zealand homes. If we compare New Zealand with other developed countries, the designs of our homes are 20 years behind:

  • current standards and building codes lead to low quality and low efficiency buildings
  • as a result, kiwi houses are cold and damp
  • this leads to mould growth and can cause respiratory diseases in children – New Zealand has reached the highest childhood asthma rate in the world and the highest mortality rate from asthma of all developed countries.

Thomas Consultants feels strongly that all New Zealanders should be able to live in healthy homes. In our design phase, we take into account all the crucial elements which influence a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient house.

Our mission is to contribute to our community and to help people improve their life. We use our expertise and knowledge to drive changes in the building industry and we firmly believe we will be influencers in the design and construction of healthy buildings.

Our holistic, well thought out design, means our homes are energy efficient and will save you money on your day to day running costs.

Energy Modelling

Holistic design approach considers aspects such as insulation, windows, thermal mass, airtightness, shading and ventilation.

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Thermal Modelling

Our team of engineers model two-dimensional heat-transfer effects in building components.

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Hygrothermal Analysis

Our perform hygrothermal assessments of building elements to manage condensation and evaporation.

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Building Elements Assemblies

Our team assists architects and engineers in developing designs and detailing the assemblies of building components..

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Air Tightness

We design architectural, structural and building services to minimise air leakage.

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Passive Solar Design

Our team analyses solar elements including building location, shading and ventilation to design healthy, comfortable homes.

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Building Code H1

Working with Thomas Consultants to design your building will enable you to achieve achieve the national requirements for energy efficiency of buildings.

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Solar Panels & Mechanical Ventilation

We can assess your building design and recommend the best solar panel and mechanical ventilation approach.

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