An Ecological Assessment explained

Text to be provided, perhaps talk about what goes into and Ecological Assessment and why they are required. The benefits of them?

  • bullet point of what goes into the assessment
  • bullet point of what goes into the assessment
  • bullet point of what goes into the assessment

Thomas Consultants was involved in a large Ecological Assessment for Whatipu Beach (pictured) which involved thorough vegetation mapping and ?????? Click here for further detail on this project.

Specialist Advice

If your land development project involves changing the landscape in any way it’s a good idea to get an Ecologist on board from the very start. Our team have many years experience and a wealth of knowledge on all types of projects.

We can assist you with specialist advice on aspects such as:

  • Helping to define your area as either a stream or wetland.
  • Recommendations on how to best look after and maintain your stream / bush /wetland.
  • Initial feasibility assessments (for example recommendation for location of development to reduce environmental impacts).
  • And more.

Approvals and Certifications

We can provide certification and reports that confirm works have been completed in accordance with restoration and environmental management consent for sign off.

We can also prepare and manage ongoing monitoring plans.

Contact us today to get your ecological assessment underway.