Importance of Building Components

Most of the hygrothermal issues, which lead to irreversible damage within buildings are caused by unplanned interaction between architectural, structural and building services designs.

Thanks to our wide range of services and to our experienced engineers, we are able to identify and manage these unplanned interactions at an early stage.

Our team is able to assist architects and engineers in developing their design, especially in detailing the assemblies of building components. To minimise thermal bridges and energy consumption, we develop and deeply analyse all the construction details throughout the design process.

High quality buildings require a constant quality control to make sure the outcome is the one desired. Thomas Consultants offer also construction monitoring services to ensure that the high quality planned during the design stage is met during the construction works.


  • save time during construction process
  • avoid unplanned interactions among designers’ work
  • long life buildings.

Building elements are an integral part of design.
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