Survey before you Start

You may want to construct a new fence or landscape your garden but are unsure where your property boundary is. Over time boundary pegs can go missing, be moved or even erode. Before you start any works your best bet is to have your property surveyed.

Our Surveyors can undertake a boundary redefinition survey and locate and/or replace pegs so you can be sure of where you property lies before you start the hard work!

Expert Knowledge and Opinion

  • Any new pegs that our Surveyors place will be recorded with Land Information New Zealand and formally acknowledged so you have complete piece of mind.
  • If your property was surveyed a very long time ago there may be uncertainty as to the boundary definition. Our experienced team can appraise your situation and advise you of your options.

Need to know where your property boundary lies?

Contact our Surveyors today for a Boundary Redefinition Survey.