Thomas Consultants is a New Zealand owned multidisciplinary consultancy based in Auckland and Tauranga.

Since being established in 2000 we have built a reputation with property owners, developers, community-based organisations and local government for being approachable, dependable and professional project-partners.

Our award-winning approach is based on using our experience and expertise to enable your developments to proceed with ease. We can translate complex information and processes to make them easy for you, regardless of the scope of the project. We also understand the importance of strong communication and great working relationships. In short, we speak your language and we can be trusted to get it right.

Something central to the Thomas Consultants’ way of working is our commitment to delivering our services in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Along with our ability to tackle a wide range of infrastructure projects, it’s one of the things that make us, us. This is also a quality you can expect to see reflected when we partner with you on your project, big or small.

Get to know us

You can learn more about our vision and values or share some of the work we are proudest of in our projects or the latest news on our blog. We make a point of being easy to work with.

Need some help?

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Our Values & Attributes

The core values and attributes which govern the way we carry out our business are:

  • Service – We are easy to work with and committed to helping you succeed with your goals.
  • Effective – We know that making it happen is important.
  • Respect – We treat our clients and colleagues with respect.
  • Value – We provide cost effective and quality solutions.
  • Integrity – We choose to do it right, we value your trust.
  • Collaboration – We believe working together with others achieves more and goes further.
  • Excellence – We stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our work.

How we work

At Thomas Consultants we strongly believe in working in a way that leaves our clients, our communities and our environment, better off. Here are our organisation’s commitments.


To contribute to our community, region and internationally through projects that enhance the built and natural environment, considering social responsibility and economic benefit.


To be the professional service provider of choice for civil engineering, planning, environmental and property  services,  for local and central government agencies, industry and private clients, in Auckland and beyond.